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Volunteer for Morning White Zone Drop off

Let's improve the morning drop off congestion at Earhart School. Part of the issue stems from parents parking or idling in the white zones, preventing additional drop off. This caused a HUGE back up on Packet Landing. If a few parents were out in the morning, assisting with drop off we hope it will speed the whole process up & get more children to school on time! We hope that if we do this for just a couple of weeks that we'll develop good habits and a system that makes drop off easier.

Duties include:

  • Walk along the white zones [especially on Packet Landing]
  • Remind parents that parking & idling are not okay
  • Please sign up now via Google Doc

    First Day of School

    Monday, 25 August 2014

    Welcome back Earhart Families! From August 25 - 29, school schedule will be as follow:

    Grades 1 - 5: 8:20am - 12:30pm

    Kindergarten: 8:20am - 11:40am

    Transitional Kindergarten: 8:30am - 11:20am

    Just a friendly reminder to all that DO NOT park in the school parking lot, Harbor Bay Club or the white zone. You will be ticketed if you left your car unattended in the white zone.

    Shop Amazon

    Thank you to all the families & friends who shopped via Earhart Amazon! Earhart earned over $1,000 in September & over $2,000 in December!!!! Let's keep the momentum going!

    Don't forget!! When you shop via Earhart Amazon, Earhart PTA can earn up to 10% of your purchase. Simply start your shopping by clicking the above ' School Rewards' icon. This is FREE money that is EASY to earn!

    Please bookmark & send our Earhart PTA home page for Amazon-4-School to your families & friends for all of your & their future Amazon shopping!

    Would like to show your appreciation toward your child's teachers & school staff? Please check out Earhart Wish Lists

    Got questions? Please contact Melisa Alfieri.

    Safeway eScrip Changes

    Please be aware that Safeway has made a significant change to their eScrip donations. As of November 1st, 2013, Safeway will NOT donate to eScrip for purchases made with a credit card.

    Earhart will only receive eScrip contributions for purchases paid with one of the following payment options:
    Cash, Check, Debit Card, Fast Forward Debit Card, SmartCheck,
    Safeway Gift Cards, WIC & CalFresh

    Safeway's contribution to eScrip is a sizable portion of the Earhart PTA budget. Many families use credit cards at Safeway & we recognize this change is not ideal. However, please consider using an accepted payment option at Safeway to prevent impacting our PTA budget.

    Please forward this message to your friends & families who support Earhart by shopping at Safeway.

    Got questions? Please contact Melisa Alfieri

    Earhart Week

    Earhart Students Qualify for Global Destination Tournament

    Would you like to support Earhart Destination Team on their adventure to the Global Competition in Knoxville, TN while you are having an opportunity to win a great prize from Park Street businesses and other local companies? Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. Ticket will be sold daily before & after school. The drawing will be held on Monday, 20 May 2014. You do not need to be present to win.

    Destination Imagination [DI] is an educational program where student teams independently solve open-ended challenges & present their solutions at tournaments. Teams learn important life skills including time management, presentation skills, collaboration, conflict resolution, & creative & critical thinking. DI teaches the Creative Process, from Imagination to Innovation, aligned with Common Core, 21st Century Learning, & STEAM.

    Congratulations to all of our DI participants this year! Over forty Fourth & Fifth grade students from Earhart School competed for the second year in Destination Imagination Regional Tournament. Earhart PTA sponsored seven teams & four of those teams went onto the State tournament & one of those teams has been selected to compete in the Global Challenge being held in Tennessee next month!

    Parent volunteers co-manage the teams & prepare them for the tournaments. Andy Madsen shared the following, "This being my first year as a DI Co-manager, I am constantly reminded of the words of Jim Schettler who taught our DI Manager training class. Referring to the students, Jim said 'Let them surprise you.' Jim's words remind me that our kids are capable of much more than we expect of them."

    Fourth grade student, Maylee Witte says, "What I learned from Destination Imagination is that we can imagine anything together."

    Destination Imagination Parking Lot Sale

    Saturday, 3rd May 2014, 8am - 2pm
    Earhart School

    Destination Imagination Team needs your help! We Rock, Paper, Scissors! Parking Lot Sale helps raise funds to get us to D.I. Globules!

    There are three tax-deductible ways to help with the Parking Lot Sale:

    Donating any no longer want or need used items for the team to sell
    Renting a stall to sell your own items at $25 without a shade or $50 with a shade. [Keep your profits from the sale of your items]
    Come shop the sale & find needed treasures for your family & home

    Got questions? Need stall reservation? Please contact Paizley Spencer via email or in Room 22

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