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Picture Days

Wednesday, 17 September: K-2, Grades 1 & 5
Thursday, 18 September: TK, K & Grade 4
Friday, 19 September: Grades 2 & 3

This year, there is NO preordering & NO advance payment. Our photographer, Hot Shot School Portraits, will be on campus taking the pictures. Orders will be placed online after viewing the proofs.

PTA Membership & Donation Drive

Thanks to the many Earhart families and teachers who have already contributed to our PTA Annual Donation Drive. This is an important fundraising event that supports many of the programs that make Earhart Elementary a wonderful school for our children. If you have not yet contributed, please do so as soon as possible!

To contribute please click on the join/donate button. You also may pick up a blue donation envelope in the school office. Please return the envelope to the office or your child's teacher. Please also remember that we take split donations throughout the year so give what you can when you can.

If we reach our $60,000 goal, we will be rewarding our students with an Ice Cream Social in October, so please donate soon!

Art Docent Orientation

Tuesday, 23 September 2014 | 8:30am | Room 2

The orientation will be divided into two segments, the first 10 minutes will be devoted to explaining the system to reserve & check out materials. The remaining time will be spent learning how to put together & present a lesson. [If you have been an art docent in the past, please attend at least, the first segment.] For parents unable to attend, an orientation can be scheduled outside of school hours. Thank you in advance & if you have any ideas or questions, please contact our Art Docent Chairs - Michi & Jen.

Spirit Day - Color Day

Friday, 26 September 2014

Wear clothing with your class colors to show support!

Kindergarten: RED
First Grade: ORANGE
Second Grade: GREEN
Third Grade: YELLOW
Fourth Grade: BLUE
Fifth Grade: BLACK

AEF Afterschool Enrichment Classes

First Day: 22 September 2014

Don't forget to sign-up for AEF Afterschool Enrichment classes. Some classes start the week of 22 September 2014.

Pre-K & K Jedi Engineering with Legos will need more children; otherwise, the class will be cancelled.
Sign up via AEF website.

Volunteer for Morning White Zone Drop off

Let's improve the morning drop off congestion at Earhart School. Part of the issue stems from parents parking or idling in the white zones, preventing additional drop off. This caused a HUGE back up on Packet Landing. If a few parents were out in the morning, assisting with drop off we hope it will speed the whole process up & get more children to school on time! We hope that if we do this for just a couple of weeks that we'll develop good habits and a system that makes drop off easier.

Duties include:

  • Walk along the white zones [especially on Packet Landing]
  • Remind parents that parking & idling are not okay
  • Please sign up now via Google Doc

    Shop Amazon

    Thank you to all the families & friends who shopped via Earhart Amazon! Earhart earned over $1,000 in September & over $2,000 in December!!!! Let's keep the momentum going!

    Don't forget!! When you shop via Earhart Amazon, Earhart PTA can earn up to 10% of your purchase. Simply start your shopping by clicking the above ' School Rewards' icon. This is FREE money that is EASY to earn!

    Please bookmark & send our Earhart PTA home page for Amazon-4-School to your families & friends for all of your & their future Amazon shopping!

    Would like to show your appreciation toward your child's teachers & school staff? Please check out Earhart Wish Lists

    Got questions? Please contact Melisa Alfieri.

    Safeway eScrip Changes

    Please be aware that Safeway has made a significant change to their eScrip donations. As of November 1st, 2013, Safeway will NOT donate to eScrip for purchases made with a credit card.

    Earhart will only receive eScrip contributions for purchases paid with one of the following payment options:
    Cash, Check, Debit Card, Fast Forward Debit Card, SmartCheck,
    Safeway Gift Cards, WIC & CalFresh

    Safeway's contribution to eScrip is a sizable portion of the Earhart PTA budget. Many families use credit cards at Safeway & we recognize this change is not ideal. However, please consider using an accepted payment option at Safeway to prevent impacting our PTA budget.

    Please forward this message to your friends & families who support Earhart by shopping at Safeway.

    Got questions? Please contact Melisa Alfieri

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