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🐝 Spell-a-thon

Earhart parents- It's time to prepare for the Earhart Spellathon! As you may know, the Spellathon is our annual Spring fundraiser. The money raised during the Spellathon is approximately 30% of the budget and will help fund the end of the year activities. It's traditionally a fun time on campus for the kids. Please ask your company for a matching gift; this is free money for our school! Donations are tax-deductible.

We are in need of volunteers. Without our parent volunteers, we will not meet our goal and our school programs could suffer. Got questions? Please contact Melisa Alfieri & Natalie Ackerman via email.

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More Earhart News

Innovative MSTEM Night

Wednesday, March 22
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Come explore MSTEM [music, science, technology, engineering and math] at our 2nd Innovative Evening for 2016-17. Fourth grade students will be presenting information about the Ocean Guardians Program and demonstrating their knowledge of electricity and magnetism. Fifth grade students will be performing in a Wax Museum of innovators from various MSTEM fields. In addition, all grade levels will be performing musical selections.

🐝 Spell-a-Thon 2017

Thursday, March 23: Final Money Due
Thursday, March 30: Celebration @ Morning Flag

Earhart Families - Thank you to all the families who have sent in their Spell-a-thon envelopes. We are off to a great start but we have not yet achieved our goal of $40,000. The Spell-a-thon will run through March 24th and if we reach our goal, we have some fun activities planned for the kids.

🌎 Earhart Earth Month - Ocean Guardian School

Planning Meeting: Tuesday, March 28
Room 25

Our incredibly fabulous science teacher, Ms. Nettles, has decided that it’s not enough to have earth week at Earhart...we need earth month! Ms. Nettles dedicates tireless hours developing fun ways for children to learn about our planet. I hope that you each take the time to read her message below and join the team of parents she will need to provide what is sure to be a fun and educational month of experiences for our kids.

Please attend if you want to find out more about our efforts to become a NOAA Ocean Guardian School. During the month of April we would like to highlight our community's efforts to reduce single use plastic on campus, grow, support, and eat organic fruits and vegetables, and promote monarch butterfly migration by planting and maintaining native milkweed and other native plant species. Our "Go Green" committee is in need of members, ideas, and energy. If you've got any of these to spare, please consider joining us.

Slate for the 2017-2018 Earhart PTA Board

  • President: Rachil Tam
  • Executive VP: Kate Schnoebelen
  • Treasurer: Stan Schonberg
  • Recording Secretary: Janice Ryan
  • Financial Secretary: Laura Miles
  • Auditor: Jaein Yoon
  • Historian: Janet Weber
  • VP Memberships: Jaimie Orfanos
  • VP Fundraising: OPEN

If you have any interest in running for any of these positions, please feel free to contact Jeanette Abe. We will hold the formal election at the next PTA meeting on April 18th.

School Site Council Opening

School Site Council is an advisory and informational parent group who support the school improvement process at Earhart School. School Site Council meets once a month for about an hour. The council is comprised of equal numbers of parents and school/teacher representatives. If you are interesting in joining school site council, there is currently a parent position vacancy. Once we have identified interested parents, according to the by-laws we will elect a parent to fill the opening. Please contact Mrs. Dean or leave a message in the office if you are interested.

2017 Art & Music Show

Thursday, March 16
5:30pm - 7:30pm
M/U Room

March is national Youth in Art Month. The show featured both visual art and music from our school. Each class showed an art project completed this year, many from our Art Docent program. Also during the evening, there were music performed by some of our 4th and 5th grade students. We are proud of our students and their artistic efforts!