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🎀 Gold Ribbon School Assembly

Monday, June 6

You are invited to join us for a school-wide assembly on June 6, in recognition of Gold Ribbon School. The assembly will begin at 10:20 on the upper grade yard.

Message from Mrs. Dean:
Congratulations to Earhart School! Yesterday we learned that our school is being recognized by the state of California as a 2016 Gold Ribbon School. This program has replaced California Distinguished School as a state recognition program. Our “Signature Practice” that we highlighted in our application is our Innovative Program: Math, Science, Technology with the integration of Music. We are proud of our teachers, our students and our larger community for their support of our school.

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Welcome Back Evening

Monday, August 15 | 5pm - 7pm

Please join us for a fun packet pick up evening. This year we will have two food trucks, Beyond the Border & Adam's Grub Truck, serving some delicious bites. Since packet pick up evening is scheduled right at dinner-time we thought it might be helpful and fun to have some food options for purchase. It’s a great time for kids to see friends and get excited about their new class.

🍨 Ice Cream Social

Thursday, June 9 | 6pm - 8pm

Please join us with your children for our annual Ice Cream Social to celebrate this wonderful school year. This is a time where we say thank you to all of the volunteers who have supported our classroom and PTA programs throughout the year.

Please sign up to help scoop ice cream or sprinkle toppings.

2016 Airplane Contest [Grades 1 - 5]

Thursday, June 2

Grades 1 - 5 students participated in either or both Design & Flight Airplane Contests.
Design Contest
Flight Contest

DI Goes Globals

Congratulations to DI to the 5th Power for being invited to globals! Please see the information below and help support them as they fundraise for their trip.

Please share or donate via DI's Go Fund Me donation webpage.

Silent Auction: Now 'til June 1, 2016
Earhart Destination Imagination has received six amazing prizes for summer use that we are offering in a silent auction at Earhart. Please stop by the office to make a bid on on one of the following items. Prizes will go to the highest bidder and all funds will go to Earhart's DI program.
The silent auction is starting today and will continue until June 1, 2016. You can make a bid on the items in $5 increments in the Earhart office during the auction period. You must leave contact information and we will call you at the end of the auction if you have won the prize. The clip boards are hanging on the wall in the office above the guest sign in.
BLADIUM Summer Camp Gift Certificate - $330 value. Auction will start at $125
CAMP GALILEO Summer Camp discount - $200 value. Auction will start at $50
HAIR TECH SALON & SPA Kid Party for up to 5 kids includes hair, nails, and a runway dance party - $1,000 value. Auction will start at $200
HAIR TECH SALON & SPA Organic Hair Color Ombre or Highlights - $150 value. Auction will start at $75
HAIR TECH SALON & SPA Color, Cut, Mani, Pedi - $250 value. Auction will start at $100
SAFEWAY, SOCCER POST gift cards - $50 value. Auction will start at $5
EastBay Badminton Association - Emeryville 4 One Morning Play Time [10am - 1pm] for Four Players - $170 value each, starting bid at $50. Each auction will include 3 hours of one court rental, drop-in fees, and rackets/shuttlecocks/shoes rentals. Families can only win one week. The winners can choose a weekday morning of their selected week. FOUR auction choices for FOUR winner families:
Week One: June 20 - June 24
Week Two: June 27 - July 1
Week Three: July 11 - July 15
Week Four: July 18 - July 22

Earhart DI is collecting mini/tiny BART Tickets of any color. You can drop them in the bucket in the office from now until the last day of school. Popsicle sales will also continue on hot Fridays.

The Alameda Theatre is once again offering their popular Summer Movie Series - 10 family movies for only $10, every Wednesday, from June 15 through August 17. Ice Age 2, Shaun the Sheep, Home, Alvin & the Chipmunks, Minions, The Peanuts Movie, Sponge Bob - Sponge Out of Water, Norm of the North, Hotel Transylvania 2, & Goosebumps. That's $1 per movie! What a great way to spend the summer! The girls of DI to the 5th Power will be selling tickets after school the following Wednesdays: April 27, May 4, May 11, & May 18. All proceeds will go towards their travel expenses for Destination Imagination Global Finals in Knoxville, TN. Please support them & their fundraising efforts! If you have questions or would like to participate in the yard sale please contact Paizley Spencer via email.

2015-2016 Yearbook Order

"Conversation, Seeds for Collaboration"

It's almost the end of the school year, so be sure to reserve a yearbook that captures your student's year-in-review.
Convenient online order via Picaboo - no more checks or cash for your child to bring to school.
No deadline! Yearbook orders made by May 1 will arrive at school and will be given to your student[s] in class. Orders after May 1 will be shipped directly to your address with the cost of the yearbook plus shipping & handling.
Hard Cover: $32
Soft Cover: $22

Got questions? Please contact Lara Asmundson or Deb Deveno via email.

Congratulations to our winners & runners-up!
Cover Winner: Luisa Barrantes
Inside Cover Winner: Siyena Hines
Runners-Up: Olivia Iskander, Samy Bendimerad, Kira Grumet, Emma Acosta

🍲 Waste Free Lunch

On April 4th we began Earth month as part of our Life Science investigations. Our school wide focus question for the week has been "What is a waste free lunch, and why is it important to know?" Students have been analyzing lunch time waste and the proper bin placement of waste, playing a green "Clean Up" board game, and our older 4th and 5th grade students are watching a documentary film about the Pacific Garbage Patch entitled, Plastic Paradise. We have all been shocked to find out how pervasive plastic has become in our bay and in our beautiful ocean. We are asking our families to take time to reflect on what is being packed in our kiddos lunches, and to try and eliminate items that have single use plastic packaging. Even if the plastic items are recyclable and placed in the blue bins, we are finding that only a small portion of these plastics actually do get recycled. Many end up in land fills or are carried by wind into our waterways. Over 50% of our students already use reusable drink bottles and reusable containers, and this effort greatly reduces the amount of waste we generate. We would like to increase reusable drink bottle usage to 100% [teachers and staff too]!
I am a parent who packs a lunch for two AUSD students each morning as well, so I know how complicated [and frankly, stressful] this issue can be. But when I think about the health of our environment [and my family's love of sushi], I think the effort in eliminating as much single-use plastic from our lives as possible is well worth it. Please join us in our challenge to make the planet and ourselves healthier. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me via email. I am open to conversation. Thank you for sharing your lovely children with us.
- Ms. Nettles

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