Art Docent Program 🎨

Earhart School Art Docent Program runs by parent volunteers, & art lessons for each classroom are provided. Anyone interested in being an art docent can sign up with their child's teacher. Art supplies are provided by Earhart PTA! Please support our PTA through our easiest fundraise sources:

🎨 Art Docent Meeting

Friday, January 27 | 8:30am | Room 2

We plan to chat about how the year is going so far and to discuss the school art show that will take place in March. If you have any questions, please contact Stella Bourgoin via email. If you are an art docent volunteer and didn't receive an email about this meeting directly from Stella, please send her your contact information for future announcements.

Art Docent Orientation

Friday, September 30 | 8:30am - 9:30am | Room 2

To our amazing Art Docent Volunteers, we will go over our art program as well as how to check out and request art materials. We'd like to have at least one person attend for each class so that we can share this year's new information. If you know your partners for the year, you can coordinate who will attend, although all are welcome. Also, if you are a returning Art Docent, you can plan on leaving after the first half of the meeting, when we will go through the full program for newcomers. For any questions contact Stella Bourgoin via email

Hands-On Art Lessons & PowerPoint Presentations

We have created slides for Grades K - 3 & some for Grade 4. Please stay tune for Grades 5.

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🎨 Art Docent Meeting

We will go over our art program as well as how to check out and request art materials. This will be a general overview of how the art program will run throughout the school year so if you are a returning Art Docent, you are free to stay for just the first half of the meeting.
Got questions? Please contact our Art Docent Chair: Stella Bourgoin

Art & Music Show

March is national Youth in Art Month and the theme for California is "Art Builds Bridges". The show is a time for each class to display their talents. Every class picks one project that's completed this school year. We also suggest creating "Artist's Statements" - such as, "What is your inspiration for your art work?" "What influences your work?" "What does your art express?" "What makes your art unique?" "What does your art means to you?" "What motivates you to create art?" "What emotions or ideas are you trying to convey?" "How does art make you feel?" "Why is art important?" "How can art be powerful?" "What tools and materials do you use?"

Year of the Horse Art Works

Would like to decorate your windows with some Year of the Horse paper cutting art works?
Click on the links under your favorite horse for the PDF printout.

DIY Chunk-O Crayon

Don't know what to do with the old broken crayons in your house? We have a way to give those crayon a new life!

Would like to create a new life for the broken crayons with your kids at your own free time?


  1. Completely remove the crayons from their wrappers
  2. Snap into pieces [about ½" long] with your hands or chop up with a knife
  3. Sort them by colors or mix them up in a recycle box or bag, then add the pieces to the molds or paper cupcake liners
  4. Bake at 225° for 10 minutes
  5. Remove them from oven & let harden or in the freezer for quicker harden process
  6. Would like to add some 'shines' to the crayon? Add glitter to the melted crayon. Stir the melted crayon with a toothpick until the glitter is evenly distributed throughout
  7. Pop them out of molds & use them to create more fantastic art works!

More first & third grades PowerPoint presentations coming soon!

Grade 5 art docents, if you would also like to turn the art lesson into PowerPoint presentation, please save them as 'ppsx', & submit them here via email.