Art Docent Program 🎨

Earhart School Art Docent Program runs by parent volunteers, & art lessons for each classroom are provided. Anyone interested in being an art docent should sign up through MySchoolAnywhere or contact Funding for the program's art supplies is provided by Earhart PTA.

🎨 Spring Art Show Meeting 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018
8:30am | Room 2

If you cannot make the meeting or have further questions, please contact Stella Bourgoin via email to learn more.

At the meeting we will discuss:

1. The deadline to turn in work to room 2 is Weds, February 28th (anytime during the day is fine).
2. The show is Thurs, March 15 at 5:30-7:30 pm in the Multiuse Room. It is open to everyone that you want to invite/bring along. The school has a chance to walk through the show the following morning before we take it down.
3. If you don't have a project ready for the show, you have about a month to complete it.
4. There will be a SignUp posted to MySchoolAnywhere (estimated posting Feb 1) for people to help: hang the work on boards the week before, assemble the boards the day of the show, or take down the show the following day.
5. Your whole class shows the same project, either individual works or a collaborative piece. Ideally, individual works should be 11x14" or smaller (that's our 9x12" paper, mounted on larger paper that was cut down to a 1" frame). If in doubt, small is better. Please alert Stella in advance of any 3-D projects or work that requires special displaying.
6. There should be a piece from every child in the class, including absent students and any newly enrolled students. Please confirm that all students in your class are included.
7. Please provide a small sign (or details for Stella to make one) indicating: your teacher's name [not just room #], grade, and title or subject of the project. Students' names may be displayed (on work, on a tag to hang on the work, or an alphabetical list of the students for a group project).

Art Show 2018

🎨 Art Docent Meeting 2017

Friday, September 8 or Wednesday, September 13
8:30am | Room 2

Art Docents are asked to attend a fall meeting, on either date, to learn about new additions to the program as well as to become familiar with the program guidelines. Anyone who cannot make these dates should contact Stella Bourgoin via email to arrange an individual meeting that fits your schedule. At least one docent from each classroom must attend a meeting.

We will meet briefly to discuss how to reserve your dates and materials and what a lesson entails. We will also talk about this year's important deadlines.

For any questions, contact Stella Bourgoin via email


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Art & Music Show

March is national Youth in Art Month and the theme for California is "Art Builds Bridges". The show is a time for each class to display their talents. Every class picks one project that's completed this school year. We also suggest creating "Artist's Statements" - such as, "What is your inspiration for your art work?" "What influences your work?" "What does your art express?" "What makes your art unique?" "What does your art means to you?" "What motivates you to create art?" "What emotions or ideas are you trying to convey?" "How does art make you feel?" "Why is art important?" "How can art be powerful?" "What tools and materials do you use?"