Earhart School PTA President's Corner


Hello Earhart Families,

I would like to extend a huge thank you to the Earhart School staff and all of our volunteers, who worked together to make this year such a success. Thank you to all who worked in classrooms supporting the teachers and allowing them to focus their talents on helping our children grow. Another great big thank you to those of you who went beyond classroom volunteering and helped with our PTA run programs. Things like spell-a-thon, airplane contest and art docent would not happen without the support of our volunteers.
We hope to preserve these programs and continue to provide the same fun experiences for our children next year. Unfortunately, we have seen a steady decline of parent involvement in PTA run activities over the past few years. Throughout the summer we will be updating our website and revising job descriptions in hopes to provide more clarity around what is needed. At the end of summer we will be at packet pick up and back to school night to speak with people about getting involved with PTA committees.
As we say thank you and good-bye to many volunteer families who are moving on to junior high school, it is a reminder to all of us that new families will need to take a greater role in the future. Thanks goes to the kinder parents who have agreed to take on leadership roles next year, but as the saying goes, "many hands make light work". It simply will not be possible to continue programs we all love without participation from you, amazing Earhart families!
Warm Regards,

School Safety Plans & Procedures

We would like to encourage you to empower yourselves & your children to stay safe by following school procedures, including:

Always sign in at the office when you visit your child's school & wear a visitor sticker or badge. Please stay with your children when you pick them up after school or from an after-school program.
Remind children to go to public bathrooms in pairs or trios.
Remind your children never to go with a stranger or to follow directions from someone they don't know for any reasons.
Also remind your children that if they feel threathened, they should shout for help, run away, or get help from an adult they know & trust.
Above all, reassure your children that we develop safety procedures to keep them from harm & that the very best way to stay safe is to follow those procedures.

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