Earhart School PTA President's Corner


Dear Earhart Families,

Thank you everyone for a great start of 2017 - 2018 school year! Also thank you to Earhart School staff and families working together to transition to our new PTA communication system - MySchoolAnywhere [MSA]. It is only the 4th week of school, our annual PTA Membership & Donation Drive and volunteer sign ups are going extremely well! With your supports, this year Earhart PTA continues to support intervention & field studies to augment classroom instruction, technology & our Innovative Plan, community events and more. Thank you to all supporting our school, our teachers, our children, and our communities!

At Earhart School, we have amazing programs for our children and our communities. Our phenomenal committee chairs always go above and beyond to keep our programs running. Please join our committees to bring another successful school year by signing up as a volunteer or co-chair. Our programs like Spell-a-thon, Airplane Contest, Art Docent, Science Docent, Ocean Guardian School, Walking School Bus and more will not happen without the support of our volunteers!

There is another great way to support our PTA and Earhart School - earn free money for Earhart PTA by shoppoing via Earhart Amazon! Earhart PTA can earn up to 10% of your purchase. Simply start your shopping by clicking the 'Amazon.com School Rewards' icon. It is FREE money that is EASY to earn! Please bookmark & send Earhart PTA home page to your families & friends for all of your & their future Amazon shopping!

Thank you for joining us to make a different!

Rachil Tam & Lisa Bryant
2017 - 2018 PTA Presidents

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School Safety Plans & Procedures

We would like to encourage you to empower yourselves & your children to stay safe by following school procedures, including:

Always sign in at the office when you visit your child's school & wear a visitor sticker or badge. Please stay with your children when you pick them up after school or from an after-school program.
Remind children to go to public bathrooms in pairs or trios.
Remind your children never to go with a stranger or to follow directions from someone they don't know for any reasons.
Also remind your children that if they feel threathened, they should shout for help, run away, or get help from an adult they know & trust.
Above all, reassure your children that we develop safety procedures to keep them from harm & that the very best way to stay safe is to follow those procedures.

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