Volunteer Opportunities

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Classroom Assistance:

Your child's classroom teacher will be circulating a separate request for this on Back to School Night.

Twice a Year Events [Fall & Spring]:

Campus Beautification - Help plant, weed, trim, and make our school beautiful. Sign Up!

Fall Events:

Book Fair - Assist with set up, sales, take down. Sign Up!
Direct Donation Drive - Assist with counting money collected and issuing PTA cards.
Reflections - Help coordinate a PTA program/contest encouraging students to participate in Art, Literature, Photography, etc.
Walk & Roll to School - Assist with set up and handouts the morning of the event. Sign Up!
Picture Days - Assist with line up, name tags, etc. Sign Up!

Spring Events:

Airplane Contest - Our year-end biggest event needs volunteers for 1st - 5th Grade contests to mark the flight paths for the paper airplanes, judge the special design airplanes, etc. Sign Up!
Art Show - Help prepare an art exhibit of our children's beautiful work.
Ice Cream Social - Scoopers and toppers needed to create a delicious evening. Sign Up!
Spell-a-thon - Help coordinate this fundraiser. Sign Up!
Staff Appreciation - Plan, bake, serve & celebrate our terrific staff. Grade 3 Sign Up!

Summer Events:

Watering Gardens - Keep our beautiful gardens blossoming during hot summer time.

Administrative Support:

Grant Writing - Assist with various grant writing projects as they arise.
Library/Media Center - Assist with library book check in each morning. Sign Up!

Ongoing Support:

Campus Climate Committee - Assist with programs that reinforce positive attitudes and behaviors on campus.
Disaster Preparedness - Make sure kits are up to date. Sign Up!
Go Green Committee - Lunch shift to help students sort recyclables and compostables.
Lunch/Recess Time - Assist with supervision. Sign Up!
Technology - Provide technological support for our school.
Translator - Please also indicate which language[s] you are willing to translate. Sign Up!
Yearbook - Take pictures and/or prepare your classroom yearbook page or grade level collages.
Please also indicate which class[es] /grade[s]/area[s] you are willing to assist with Sign Up!